Restoration House of Power


We have something for everyone

Our ministries

We have various departments and ministries in our church where everyone can put their God-Given talents and abilities to use. 


The heart of the ministry is evangelism. The evangelism department is responsible for our going into the community to win souls for Christ.

Youth Department

The youth department is a place for all young people to come and be fed on their level, from ages 21 and under. 


The ushers in the house keep order during the service, and monitor the flow of the flow. They are an integral part of the weekly service, and they are on their pot with a tissue and a smile. 


The hospitality department is often the first face you will see when you come to our church. They greet everyone, and are the point of contact for visitors to our ministry. 


The media department is responsible for all social media posts, the photography, and recording of services and events. They are also responsible for the editing of official RHOP content. 


The Finance committee keeps accurate of individual member giving, as well as the financials of the ministry as a whole. 

Women's Department

The Women's department is a place where the women of the ministry come together to tackle the issues pertaining to them in a safe space. 

Men's Department

The Men's department is a place where the men of the ministry come together to tackle the issues pertaining to them in a safe space. 


The Ministerial Staff of RHOP is a place where those called to minister to God's people can be taught and trained in all aspects of ministry. They are responsible for leading prayer, bible study, and preaching/teaching on Sundays. The ministerial staff includes: Ministers, Deacons, Elders, Prophets, and Pastors.